Restore Your Smile With These Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Categories: Dental Technology

One of the most common things that we hear at our office is that people are not satisfied with their smile. They tell us, “Dr. John, I do all that I can to keep up with my oral health, but my smile certainly doesn’t get the kind of attention I wish it did.” These sorts of comments make a lot of sense. After all, your smile says a lot about you. In some cases, it may even make you more approachable to your peers.

If you are unpleased with the way your smile looks, you are not alone. Not only are you not alone, but you also aren’t out of options. Technology in the dental industry has come a long way over the last decade, and we now have treatment options that will completely rejuvenate and restore your smile. If you are tired of that less-than-memorable smile, here are some cosmetic dental procedures that Expressions Dental Care can provide you with.

Teeth Whitening

One of our most popular, and favorite, procedures is teeth whitening. It’s quite amazing to see how the popularity for teeth whitening has boomed in recent years. Whether it’s because people want to look great in their social media profiles or they simply realize that teeth whitening is incredibly easy, more and more individuals ask us about teeth whitening.

We recommend the teeth whitening procedure for those who already have a straight and aligned smile, but maybe the tint of the teeth has darkened over the years. This could’ve happened due to drinking too much coffee or wine, or maybe you simply didn’t keep up with brushing multiple times a day like suggested. In either event, we can use teeth whitening to lighten your smile by multiple shades. And unlike over-the-counter treatments, doing it at our office is very quick and not nearly as messy.

Caps And Crowns

Accidents happen all of the time, and we know that. If you are someone who has cracked or chipped a tooth, you might be embarrassed with the physical impression that you are leaving on people. With a cracked or chipped tooth, we’d likely recommend using a cap or a crown to cover it. Not only will you now have a covered tooth that looks better, but you’ll also be able to restore strength to the tooth that will keep your teeth safe from future damage. Caps and crowns also come in a composite material that looks just like your natural tooth, so your friends and family won’t even notice that you’ve had any type of dental work done.


In the event that you are missing multiple teeth, we might be looking at a bit more extensive work needing to be done. However, you certainly aren’t out of luck. Instead, bridges are a great cosmetic dental procedure that can fill in spaces that have been left due to multiple missing teeth. A dental bridge can be fitted and placed in your mouth in just a few appointments, so call us today to schedule your appointment.

Dental Veneers

If you simply want to remake your entire smile, dental veneers are the way to go. Veneers are made from a wafer-thin material that we will adhere directly to your natural teeth, and you’ll end up with a completely different looking smile. Veneers are ideal for those that have uneven or misaligned teeth, but they can also be ideal for those that want a brighter smile as well. Veneers are truly one of the most remarkable options for cosmetic dentistry, and the results that you’ll notice will completely change how you feel about your smile.


Invisalign is ideal for those who want to straighten their teeth, but they want to avoid the unappealing look of braces. Invisalign is a clear retainer that is placed in the mouth, and it will slowly move your teeth into a straighter and healthier formation. What’s great about Invisalign is that people of all ages can do it. And since it’s clear, nobody will even notice that you are in the process of making your smile even more beautiful.


No matter how much we take care of our teeth, there are some things that we simply cannot avoid: that being old age. As we get older, our teeth and gums will start to wear down, and dentures may be the only option for restoring your smile. If you’ve been considering dentures, let us know and we’ll show you the options you have for either a partial or complete set.