What is CEREC?


CEREC  (Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic Reconstruction) is the most efficient and effective product for dental restoration currently available.  This modern computer technology uses 3D photography to assist dentists in restoring a patient’s teeth with ceramics. Earlier dental restoration processes required the patient to sit through multiple appointments, but with CEREC everything can get done in just one appointment.

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CEREC is one of the most advanced technologies for dental restoration in existence, and the process is pretty simple.  A photograph is taken of the patient’s teeth and this photograph is stored as a 3D digital model. Computer software is then used to create an approximate picture of the shape the restored teeth should take, using the intact surrounding teeth as a guide. The model is refined using CAD (Computer-Assisted Design) software.

Once the model has been designed to ensure the patient’s damaged teeth will be restored to their appropriate form and function, it is complete. The data is then sent to a milling machine. The restoration is molded out of a block of solid or composite ceramic, and then this mold is bonded to the patient’s teeth with resin cement. CEREC also allows for more advanced repair work like ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays.

What are the Benefits of CEREC?

There are several benefits to CEREC technology that prove it to be more effective than other restoration technology.

  • Speed – When a dentist uses plaster impressions of teeth for dental restoration, it generally takes weeks to get the restoration molds back. With CEREC technology, the restoration mold will be completed within 20 minutes of the data model being received.
  • Time-saving –  The procedure is completed quickly in the space of one session, so the patient does not have to waste time with multiple sessions.
  • Accuracy – The digital mapping technology of CEREC that charts the inside of the patient’s mouth completely accurately and down to the last detail ensures that there is no issue with inaccurate dental impressions that lead the patient to experience discomfort with bulky molds and unnecessary debris in their mouth.
  • Natural-looking – The ceramic molds are available in up to 17 shades, so the color of the mold will perfectly match the patient’s teeth for a more natural look.  This is a huge improvement over the unnatural looking metal and bulky porcelain restoration products.
  • High Quality –The CEREC process also uses high quality ceramic molds. This ceramic is very similar to tooth enamel and looks and feels natural on patient’s teeth. It is also very easy to make adjustments to this mold.

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Why choose Dr. John Han?

John Han Reston DentistDr. John Han is an expert at CEREC dental restoration and can perform the operation safely and efficiently. Dr. Han uses the most reliable and highly advanced CEREC technology and only uses materials of the highest quality.  A patient of Dr. Han’s will have their restoration conducted with accuracy and precision and will come out of the experience with their teeth perfectly restored to their proper form.

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