Dental implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all the teeth in the mouth with a variety of replacement options. Dr. Han is happy to discuss your particular needs to form a treatment plan that makes your smile healthier, more functional, and more attractive than ever!

The consultation will include:

  • complete medical history
  • x-rays
  • exam
  • impressions (molds) of the teeth and gums
  • in-office CT scan (3-D digital x-ray for precision placement of your implant)

After careful evaluation and thoughtful planning, Dr. Han will discuss the number and type of implants that would be best for your situation.

The Implant Procedure

The procedure for placing and restoring a dental implant is summarized below. Each patient is different, and each patient’s needs and goals are different. However, the outline below provides a general overview of the steps.

  1. Dr. Han will use an in-office 3D scan and the most advanced technology to determine the appropriate site for your dental implant placement. The dental laboratory will create a custom surgical guide for the most precise implant placement. Impressions of your mouth will be used by the dental laboratory to create a customized dental implant restoration. Dr. Han insists on all of this planning and preparation so that he can create an exact product for each patient.
  2. At the surgical visit, Dr. Han will prepare the site to receive the dental implant. Dr. Han is skilled in performing bone grafting procedures if that is what you need. He will then secure the implant into bone imitating the root of a tooth. The gum tissue will be sutured back over the dental implant. The dental implant is left undisturbed for three to six months to allow it to osseointegrate with the bone. Dr. Han will offer you options to temporarily restore your smile during this healing phase.
  3. Once the dental implant has been completely integrated with the bone, a post is attached to each dental implant. Dr. Han is a cosmetic dentistry expert and works with the best dental laboratories to create a life-like permanent tooth replacement.