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As one of the best emergency, cosmetic and general dentists in Herndon, Virginia, Dr. John Han is a dental professional who greatly focuses on quality in all of his services. He is an expert in his chosen field, making people trust him, his knowledge about various fields and specializations in the industry, and his skills. Born in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Han received a DMD degree studying at Tufts University of Dental Medicine. He has enough education to take good care of your dental and oral health and improve your smile.

Dr. John Han also tries to improve the experience of his patients by ensuring that his clinic offers the best environment possible. He has a newly remodeled office equipped with the most advanced dental technologies and equipment. The use of advanced technology in offering dental services allows Dr. Han, and his dental team, to provide various dental treatments with cutting-edge quality. Expect to make great improvements in the beauty and health of your smile and teeth through the routine cleanings, preventive dental care, restorative dental implants, and porcelain veneers that Dr. Han offers.


How does he get so many reviews?

On Google+, Dr. John Han is one of just a few dentists in Herndon, Virginia who consistently gains positive and remarkable reviews from past and present patients. He constantly receives positive reviews because he always focuses on the quality of the services he offers. He makes it a point to deliver high quality customer service by immediately answering the questions of his past, present and potential clients, making them feel comfortable when visiting his clinic, and clearly educating or explaining to them all of their dental treatment options.

Dr. John Han also has a very high patient retention rate. His patients tend to come back to his clinic and get his services in case they want other dental procedures done for them. The high patient retention rate of Dr. Han can also be attributed to his amazing customer service. He values the experiences of his patients above anything else, so he consistently trains his dental team to be friendly to their patients by trying to get to know more about them in an even more personal level.

Because of the personal connection that he and his dental team establish to their patients in Herndon, Virginia, they are capable of developing well-customized dental treatment options and plans. The treatments can be personalized to suit the unique needs of every patient. The friendly atmosphere conveyed in the clinic is also one of the reasons behind the rising number of positive reviews for Dr. Han in Google Reviews.

If you visit his clinic, expect to be treated not just as a typical patient. You will be treated like a part of the family, which is part of their great customer service. This will make your experience enjoyable while also prevents feeling uncomfortable and anxious about the dental procedures that will be performed for you. Few of the many professional dental services that Dr. Han and his dental team in Herndon, VA can expertly offer are those relevant to comprehensive dentistry, restorative dentistry, and periodontic and gum health. Expect Dr. John Han to be a real expert in all these areas, and other vital specializations in the field of dentistry.
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