Porcelain Veneers

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Get the Perfect Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Herndon VA

Dental veneers can transform your smile dramatically. This is why they are often called ‘instant orthodontics’. Veneers are wafer-thin porcelain shells that are placed on your teeth to correct stains, discoloration or chips.  With veneers, a dentist near you can also alter the size and length of a tooth or make slightly crooked teeth appear straight.

Veneers offer a great conservative approach to aesthetic smile makeovers. Veneers are carefully created and customized to fit your smile. The paper-thin pieces of porcelain can be incorporated with various features to replicate your natural teeth closely. This gives dentists the power to create any look you want.

How Veneers Enhance Your Smile?

While veneers provide a conservative way to repair bad teeth, the steps behind the process require a high level of training to produce accurately. So what's involved in bringing a smile like this to life?

  • Careful Planning – To get the desired outcome, your veneers dentist in Herndon, VA will carefully plan your veneers treatment. Dr. John Han will use photographs and X-rays to create a detailed study of your case. Then he will understand your desired smile, from the color to the shape and the number of teeth you want to correct. This will determine how many veneers will be used and how they will be placed.
  • Preparing the Teeth – After the planning is done, Dr. Han will gently prepare the teeth in the next appointment. A thin layer of the enamel will be scraped off to allow space for the porcelain veneer. You will get temporary restorations while your permanent veneers are prepared.
  • Creating the Smile – At your second appointment, Dr. Han will try each veneer and evaluate the fit and appearance of each veneer. After you have received a preview of your new smile, the thin veneers will be bonded to the outer surface of the teeth. Finally, the dentist will make some minor adjustments to the bite and a final polish will give you the smile you have always desired.

Should You Get Dental Veneers?

Before deciding whether to get dental veneers or not, you should consult a cosmetic dentist in Herndon VA to see if you are a right candidate for dental veneers. Consider the following details when making a decision:

  • Your gums and teeth should be in good condition
  • Dental veneers are not suitable for you if you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth. The habit could break the veneers.
  • You will lose tooth enamel and it is not reversible.
  • In future, you may need to get your veneers replaced.

Veneers can get damaged from biting or chewing too hard. When you get veneers, you will take a couple of days to get used to it. To take care of these veneers, simply keep up with your regular brushing, rinsing and flossing.

If you too want to get the smile of your dreams, schedule a dental veneers consultation with your dentist in Herndon, VA today. Dr. Han will conduct a thorough consultation to address your queries and plan your veneers treatment. Book an appointment with the best veneers dentist in Herndon VA today.

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