In the digital age, concerns for users’ right to maintain privacy have reached completely new levels and Expressions Dental Care is committed to having an open and user-friendly model of customer interaction. For this to be possible, we have formulated this privacy policy as the cornerstone of our business philosophy and the ultimate proof that we take privacy issues more than seriously.

The nature of online communication is such that our Company must collect some information about the users of our website in order to keep pace with contemporary standards of internet marketing and customer service. All data collected by the company is treated with high ethical criteria in mind, so we can always put the interests of our customers above any other considerations. Most importantly, we will never do anything with user data without informing owners of the information and asking their permission before allowing any third-party to have insight. The only exception to this rule could be made in case the Company is compelled by the authorities to hand over data for a criminal investigation.

Several types of data may be collected by the company. Browsing data could be summarized through cookie files saved on user’s computers, in addition to analyses of clicks on certain links and other features on the website. Our cookie policy is similar to that of all other major websites and allows the user to disable or delete the cookies independently and very simply, giving each user a choice in this regard. Click-though analyses and other methods of user tracking are introduced in order to study performance of our website under realistic conditions and identify areas that could be improved to the benefit of our customers. Data of this type is always stored in depersonalized summary format that can’t be traced back to any individual user but rather serves as empirical base for determining broader tendencies.

Additionally, users may be required to provide some private data when applying for particular services delivered by the website, when such data (e.g. name, home address, age…) is essential for adequate service delivery. It is a strict rule that such data is handled as very sensitive and stored only until said services and all related activities are successfully concluded. Private data provided willingly by the users will never be used for any means other than as explicitly stated by the Company, sold to third-party advertisers for financial profit, or intentionally abused in any other way.

The Company also maintains strong electronic security measures in order to protect user data from unauthorized access, but is unable to exclude the possibility of a potential breach. The Company will not be held liable for any damages arising from such a situation, regardless whether actual harm was inflicted. The users are advised to maintain usual precautions when setting up their accounts and creating passwords.

This policy document may be subject to change at any time as decided by the Company, without any obligation to consult existing users or interrupt normal operation of the website. Updated version of the Privacy policy will always be available on the website.