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Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can cause significant dental damage and discomfort. Night guards in Reston, Virginia, are customized oral appliances designed by Dr. John Han and our associates to alleviate the effects of bruxism by creating a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth during sleep.

Providing Relief and Protection:

With bruxism night guards, expect relief from the adverse effects of teeth grinding. These custom-fitted guards offer a comfortable solution that reduces the impact of grinding, preventing wear on your teeth, jaw pain and potential dental issues.

Benefits of Bruxism Night Guards:

The benefits extend beyond comfort. Night guards safeguard your teeth from wear and tear caused by bruxism, preserving their integrity and longevity. Additionally, they alleviate jaw discomfort and reduce the risk of TMJ disorders.

Our Expertise in Dental Comfort:

Our accomplished dentists and team can craft bruxism night guards that prioritize your dental health and comfort. We create guards tailored to your bite, ensuring effective protection and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Embrace Dental Comfort:

Ready to combat the effects of teeth grinding? Reach out to our team to discover the benefits of bruxism night guards at Expressions Dental Care, personalized to your needs. Call our dental office at 703-757-6453 to schedule a consultation.

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