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Are you having a dental emergency?

Same-day emergency dental care at Expressions Dental Care allows Dr. John Han and our associates to provide swift and responsive solutions to unexpected dental issues. This service ensures immediate attention and relief for patients facing dental emergencies, offering peace of mind during challenging situations.

Urgent Relief:

With same-day emergency dental care, expect timely intervention for urgent dental concerns. Whether it is severe toothache, a broken tooth or sudden swelling, our dentists and team are prepared to address your needs promptly, alleviating pain and preventing further complications.

Benefits of Same-Day Emergency Dental Care:

The benefits are invaluable. Rapid treatment reduces pain and discomfort, preventing the escalation of dental problems. Quick intervention also safeguards oral health, minimizing potential damage and preserving your smile’s integrity.

Our Expertise in Emergencies:

Our accomplished dental team focuses on providing immediate relief and tailored solutions. We understand the urgency of your situation and are dedicated to resolving your dental distress promptly.

Experience Rapid Relief:

If you have had a dental emergency, we encourage you to call 703-757-6453 as soon as possible to receive emergency dental care in Reston, Virginia.

For patients who have experienced trauma to the head or neck, please visit the emergency room for more extensive care.

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