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Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an oral condition that degenerates gum tissue over time. Gum disease treatment in Reston, Virginia, encompasses various approaches, all designed to combat the progression of periodontal issues. From scaling and root planing to gum surgery and advanced laser treatments, these methods prioritize the health of your gums and overall oral wellbeing.

Scaling and Root Planing:

Scaling and root planing involve a deep cleaning of the gum pockets to remove plaque and tartar buildup. This procedure helps prevent further damage and promotes gum healing.

Gum Surgery:

Gum surgery addresses advanced gum disease. It involves the removal of infected tissue and sometimes reshaping the gum line to create a healthier environment for your teeth.

Laser Gum Treatment:

Laser gum treatment offers a minimally invasive option. It uses laser technology to remove infected tissue, disinfect the area and stimulate healing without the need for traditional surgery.

Benefits of Gum Disease Treatment:

Gum disease treatments prevent the progression of periodontal issues, preserving your teeth and oral health. They can alleviate discomfort, reduce gum inflammation and prevent tooth loss.

Our Expertise in Gum Health:

Dr. John Han and our associates offer various gum disease treatments. From non-invasive laser therapy to precise surgical interventions, we ensure your gums receive the care they deserve.

Prioritize Your Gum Health:

Ready to prioritize your gum health? Connect with our dentists and team to explore the benefits of gum disease treatment personalized to your needs. Give Expressions Dental Care a call at 703-757-6453 today and schedule an appointment with us.

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