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All-on-X®, also known as implant-supported prostheses, is an advanced dental solution for individuals with significant tooth loss or edentulism (complete tooth loss). This procedure involves placing a fixed dental prosthetic, supported by a minimal number of dental implants. It provides a stable and functional full-arch restoration.

Comprehensive Transformation:

All-on-X treatment aims to provide a comprehensive restoration that transforms your smile and oral function. Our accomplished team, Dr. John Han and our associates, strategically place dental implants, followed by attaching a customized prosthetic. This streamlined process ensures efficient results with reduced healing time.

Benefits of All-on-X:

The benefits are remarkable. All-on-X offers immediate function, allowing you to enjoy eating and speaking confidently right after the procedure. It eliminates the need for removable dentures, enhances facial aesthetics and prevents bone loss.

Our Expertise in Full-Arch Restoration:

Our skilled dentists and team are pleased to offer All-on-X procedures, focusing on providing you with a complete and functional smile. We meticulously plan the implant placement and bridge attachment, ensuring optimal results and comfort.

Embrace Full-Arch Restoration:

If you want to learn more about All-on-X implant-supported prostheses in Reston, Virginia, please contact Expressions Dental Care at 703-757-6453. Patient education is a huge priority to us and we are happy to discuss personalized treatment plans with you to ensure you receive the care you need. Schedule a consultation with our office today.

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